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Facebook Default News Feed Settings

It has come to my attention that ever since Facebook switched over to the new profile page design, a default setting has been blanket applied to all users. This setting pushes a Facebook algorithm which determines the level of interaction you make with people and pages. Using this algorithm, the News Feed filters out friends and pages which do not fall within the criteria determining that you interact with them frequently enough.

In a sense, this is clever, though also counter-productive. If you cannot see the content from users you do not interact frequently with, then this algorithm presents a hindrance towards initiating interaction. It is also quite bad on the social-networking and promotions front, as posts from your product's page or links posted from your profile will be filtered out on a number of people's news feeds.

This setting can be switched off, however by switching it off, you are simply opting to have all posts become visible. It does not mean you will attain increased visibility to your target audience.


The steps are simple;

  1. On the News Feed on the top right click Most Recent
  2. Click the blue arrow beside it and select Edit Options from the dropdown
  3. Change the option for "Show posts from" to All your friends and pages


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  1. Ah very interesting; I hadn't noticed this change yet actually.

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