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SSIS Deployment

Failed to decrypt protected XML node "DTS:Password" with error...This issue occurs mainly due to security related issues. Follow the steps below in order to rectify the issue:

  • In Visual Studio, go to the Control Flow Tab
  • Right-click on an empty area inside the window, select properties.
  • Set Protection Level to EncryptSensitiveWithPassword
  • Set PackagePassword to "myPassword"
  • From the Connection Managers:
    • Double click connection
    • Click "All"
    • Under Security Area:
    • Set Password to your connection's password
    • Set Persist Security Info to True
  • Save the package
  • Connect to SQL Integration Services in SQL Manager
  • Under Stored Packages:
    • Right-Click MSDB
    • Select Import Package
    • Set Package Location to File System
    • Set Package Path to the location of your dtsx file
    • Leave the rest as defaults
    • Click OK
    • Enter "myPassword" into the Package Password dialog
    • You have now successfully imported the package.
  • In order to create an SQL Job:
    • In the job step:
    • Set the Type as SQL Server Integration Services Package
    • Set the Package Source as SSIS Package Store
    • Set the Server as the database server where you stored your package in the steps above
    • Click the button for the package and choose your package.
    • Click OK
    • Enter "myPassword" into the Package Password dialog
Success. You may now schedule and execute the job.
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