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Remove Internet Explorer Black Border Around Button

Internet Explorer has an annoying quirk which produces a black border around buttons: Forced black border on button...This could potentially be problematic because it can interfere with the general look and feel, as well as colour-scheme of the website.

This works, however it results in removing the border entirely; which might not be the desired effect. You might be styling your button with a border of your own and this would negate the effect entirely.

This does not work at all, since Internet Explorer is adding it's own border(not outline) instead of yours. The solution is rather simple:

What this does is make the colour black invisible, visually negating the black border which Internet Explorer creates. However, this would make anything black within the button invisible: Black border gone, but so is a lot of the text!!This can be easily solved rather handily by changing the black text, to the closest thing to black.

Resulting in the following: Problem Solved! Looks quite good, no?

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  1. Thanks! IE7 is a nightmare. :/

  2. doesn’t work IE7

    • It does work on IE7.
      What it doesn’t work on is the IE7 mode on IE10 and possible IE9.

      That mode is for testing only and is actually only an approximation. Please do try it on an actual IE7 install.

  3. Thank you very much… IE is like worst browser ever

  4. thanks, very helpful!

  5. Thanks, It nice and helpful

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