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My Take on Daphne Caruana Galizia


Completely Irrelevant

Daphne Caruana Galizia is an inflammatory, instigative and provocative political blogger without a single, minute modicum of professionalism. Her writing is essentially drivel; consisting of immature insults, baseless claims and crass degenerate comments. She is a self-aggrandizing lout with a grossly unjustified superiority complex.

One can see this from even a cursory glance at her poorly-put-together website and the sort of replies she leaves to the comments she chooses to approve. When one has no evidence to present nor a rational argument to make, the last resort is to turn to hollow mockery in an attempt to prostrate your opponent. Daphne Caruana Galizia does this quite regularly.

Of all the irrelevant things one could possibly strive to become in the world; a blogger focusing solely on mud-slinging in local politics, ranks highly enough. Daphne Caruana Galizia is irrelevant. She has not contributed a single shred of good towards society in any conceivable manner. The only reason she has attained such infamy (certainly not fame) is because people keep giving her far more attention than she deserves.

It would behoove all of us to cease and desist from imagining her as a green witch; after all Daphne is but a simple blogger. In all probability, the poor girl goes largely ignored by her husband as she sits at the computer in her underwear.

Ignore her. She is meaningless and without consequence. Always has been. Always will be.

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  1. Bravo.

    She thrives on attention. Ignoring her would be the best option.

  2. Ammen, l-aħjar risposta għal din il-persuna, tiġi injoratha kompletament u mhux jitwaddab il-ħatab fin-nar billi joqgħodu jgħajruha u jaqgħu fil-livell tagħha.

  3. Exactly, she is just a blogger. She does not have a lot of influence over this country. If everybody ignores her, her ‘fame’ would die out instantly.

  4. [Daphne is] Highly reminiscent of Gossip Girl

  5. What must really annoy her is the fact that Dom Mintoff will long be remembered for what he’s done – good or bad – whereas the only thing she’ll be remembered for, IF she is remembered at all, is her obsession with Dom. Her epitaph will probably be something like “Here lies a woman. She hated Dom.”

  6. I agree with what you’re saying though.

    But by writing this post, you’ve given her attention.

  7. Why did you have to mention underwear! Jaqq!

  8. I’ve been itching to write something similar and now I don’t need to.

  9. Prosit hafna. Iddeskrivejta kif fil-fatt hi.

  10. Never wrote on any blog Mark but so very well said. Ignoring her would diminish her into ashes.
    Kif jghid il Malti:
    Li kieku il kliem kien gawhar is skiet isbah minnhu.

  11. Well we all know what they say about trolls and the ideal feeding practice of said trolls.

    That’s all she is. A sad, pathetic troll. Her posts are clearly written to provoke some sort of negative reaction and the public gobbles it all up. I don’t think she’s ever written anything that made me stop and think anything other than “this is absolute bullshit”.

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