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C# ASP.Net Custom HTML Button

I have opted to create an ASP.Net button (postback and event handle) from scratch.

Why? Because I can. Also because it allows me more control over the visual presentation of a button.

This little endeavor is still a work in progress however it supports a server-side click event, a client-side click event, button text, an icon image and works within ASP Update Panels as well.

The markup is relatively straight-forward:

I am using an

  • as the root element, because most of the time I make use of a
      -based layout

      The back-end for the button is as follows:

      As you can see, I am making use of the IPostBackEventHandler and registering the control with the ScriptManager as a PostBackControl or an AsyncPostBackControl, depending on whether or not the control is contained within an Update Panel.

      Currently, I am hoping there is a more efficient way of detecting whether the button is within an Update Panel, but the while loop will do for now.

      I have written a small amount of CSS for the button, in order to make it look good:

      In a perfect world, I would not need to write CSS to support anything less than IE8, but this CSS breaks on IE7. I would imagine it would do very much the same thing on IE6. However, I actually dedicated (wasted) an hour towards trying to get this to work on IE7:

      Usage is simple and can be figured out from the download:

      What I have provided is a veritable playground of design customization in lieu of the standard button whilst more or less retaining the same functionality of the standard button.

      Any customization or features are completely up to you. Happy coding/designing!

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