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Pen-drive Access Denied

I recently ran into an issue of my pen-drive ending up with a dropper Trojan in it (hilariously named BEES). AVG was prompt to respond with the option to Move To Vault but after all was said and done, I was pretty much locked out of access to my pen-drive. In My Computer, the pen-drive appeared with a folder icon, and any attempts to access it ended up with an "Access is Denied" error. There is a quick fix for this, which I thought I would share. Dropper virii, typically modify the autorun.inf in order to modify a pen-drive's auto-run behaviour (to drop it's malicious payload) so the fix is quite simple.
  • Start > Run > cmd > OK
  • x: (where x is your pen-drive's drive letter)
  • attrib -r -a -s -h autorun.inf
    • Removes:
      • Read Only File attribute
      • Archive file attribute
      • System file attribute
      • Hidden file attribute
    • Easy to remember. Your pen-drive didn't sustain a virus; but a rash
  • del autorun.inf
  • Take out pen-drive
  • Re-insert pen-drive
And your pen-drive is good as new. Give it a virus scan and use as normal.
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